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Covid PCR Test in Manchester – Fit to Fly

pcr test manchester

      Looking for a Fit to Fly PCR test in Manchester?   Over a year following the pandemic, things are starting to look brighter; countries and airlines are gradually reopening for travel. This is all thanks to PCR tests such as ours, along with the accompanying Fit to Fly certification. If you are

Controlling COVID in the Workplace in Manchester – The Ultimate Guide

controlling covid in the workplace in Manchester - the ultimate guide

Looking for help controlling COVID in the workplace in Manchester? South Manchester Travel Clinic are here for you, with our ultimate guide to help keep you and your colleagues safe. Firstly, one of the most important ways in which you can protect yourself and others in a workplace environment is through regular testing, to track

HPV Vaccine Manchester

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HPV Vaccine Are you a student living in Manchester? The HPV vaccination will give you protection against a sexually transmitted infection that causes certain cancers. Read our advice on HPV and how to get the HPV vaccine. South Manchester Travel Clinic is Manchester’s premier vaccination Centre. SPECIAL PRICES – Most competitive in Manchester We offer

Yellow Fever Vaccination in Manchester

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If you’re looking for a yellow fever vaccination, Manchester has its own travel clinic at Heald Green Pharmacy. South Manchester Travel Clinic offers a wide range of vaccinations including yellow fever. So, what is yellow fever and who should be vaccinated against it? What is Yellow Fever? Yellow fever is a serious viral disease that is

Hajj and Umrah Vaccinations Manchester


Hajj & Umrah Visas Require Proof of Vaccination As millions of pilgrims from all over the world converge, many of which from low-income countries with minimal access to healthcare, the risk of infectious disease increases dramatically. The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health (MoH) won’t issue Hajj and Umrah visas without proof of vaccinations. Vaccination requirements