May 12, 2021

Covid PCR Test in Manchester – Fit to Fly



pcr test manchester


Looking for a Fit to Fly PCR test in Manchester?


Over a year following the pandemic, things are starting to look brighter; countries and airlines are gradually reopening for travel. This is all thanks to PCR tests such as ours, along with the accompanying Fit to Fly certification. If you are looking to visit friends and family, or jet off on your summer holidays – we want to help make sure you don’t get caught out. That’s why we offer a reliable PCR test in Manchester with the most affordable same-day results available, to get you where you need to go safely.


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Updated 6/12/21


pcr test manchester



What is a PCR test?


PCR stands for polymerase chain reaction; it is used to detect the presence of an active Covid infection. An active infection is categorised by the presence of antigens. PCR tests can tell whether someone has the virus incredibly early on. It does this through its detection of viral RNA (or ribonucleic acid), which is found before antibodies form, or symptoms appear. Therefore, the test results in fast and efficient detection, giving countries and airlines more control over the spread of the virus.

This test is not appropriate for anyone who has Covid symptoms, or those who have experienced symptoms up to 28 days prior to taking the test. In the event that you represent one of these categories, you should follow Government guidance in relation to testing and self-isolation.


Moreover, it is important to note that the test is unable to detect the presence of antibodies, or the body’s immune response.


We also offer Covid Antibody testing for your peace of mind; you can find out more information here.

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pcr test manchester



Why do I need a Fit to Fly test?


Covid PCR tests are used for people of all ages who wish to travel abroad, for varying reasons. Most travellers are now required to provide certification that details a lack of an active Covid infection.

Further to the release of the Government’s red list, regulations may differ depending on the airline or country. Therefore, we advise that you visit the Government and Foreign Office Websites for guidance in advance of your travel. Moreover, you should book with us as soon as you can so that you don’t get caught out. Depending on the country you are returning from, and your vaccination status, you may need to take both a day 2 and 8 test.

You can find out more about current guidance and rules surrounding isolation, as well as our same-day day 2 testing here:

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pcr test manchester



Get your Covid Fit to Fly PCR test in Manchester today

Premium Rapid Result PCR test & Fit to Fly Certificate


PRICE: £69


Our PCR test in Manchester offers you the opportunity to jet off on schedule. We are equipped to provide same-day results, 7 days a week. The test will be carried out by one of our specialist clinicians; it will involve a swab from your nasal passage, as well as your tonsils (or where your tonsils would usually be).

We offer a range of appointment times to suit you, including evenings and weekends. Furthermore, appointments completed before 10:30am Monday-Friday, 9.30am Saturday and 10.30am Sunday will get their results back the very same day. Any tests carried out after the aforementioned time window will receive their results the next day in the evening.

Our laboratory is fully-accredited and recognised by the World Health Organisation; your tests are personally delivered to the lab by our team, to give you peace of mind throughout the testing process.


We are also able to offer last-minute PCR tests with a 2 – 5 hour results turnaround:


Following the collection of your sample, we will rush it straight to the lab. They will then run the test through their specialist machine individually; you will then receive your results via email within 2 – 5 hours. We even offer Rapid Antigen Fit to Fly testing; you can find out more here:

Fit to Fly Antigen Tests

pcr test manchester


Following your test, you will receive your Fit to Fly certificate via email along with your results. Your certificate will be signed by one of our clinicians. Moreover, we offer support throughout our extended opening ours with our out-of-hours email service. This ensures that you get your results in time for your flight.


Find out more about the variety of Covid tests we offer here. 

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This blog post was written on behalf of South Manchester Travel Clinic by Pharmacy Mentor.