January 12, 2022

How to Prepare for Travel: Our Ultimate Travel Clinic Guide

Our ultimate guide to visiting a Travel Clinic in Manchester

Whatever your reasons for jetting off abroad, you may be stressing at the thought of preparing travel vaccines. However, there is no need to worry – our travel clinic in Manchester is here to help. We have created this ultimate guide to help you choose the vaccines you need ahead of time. Keep reading to take the stress away so you can focus on relaxing!

Why do I need to visit a travel clinic in Manchester?

Essentially, while you are abroad it’s likely that your body will come into contact with pathogens it hasn’t developed protection against. As a result, you can contract infections that can be severe or even fatal. This means that vaccination offers the best possible protection.

When do I need to visit a travel clinic in Manchester before I set off?

Ideally, we would recommend visiting us as soon as possible ahead of your trip. This is because some vaccines may require multiple staggered doses. Also, getting the vaccine in advance means that your body will have developed enough protection.

Woman getting a vaccine at a travel clinic

How do I know which vaccines to get when I visit the travel clinic in Manchester?

If you are unsure of the vaccinations you need, you can check your destination on NHS Fit for Travel. Additionally, you can visit us for travel health advice, as well as using the vaccine guide below before booking.

Our Travel vaccinations at our Travel Clinic


Diphtheria spreads through coughs, sneezes and contact with an infected person or their belongings. It is a bacterial infection that mainly affects your throat and nose.

Ordinarily, it is found in:

– Asia

– The South Pacific

– The Middle East

– The Caribbean

– Eastern Europe

You may need a booster jab if you had your vaccine more than 10 years ago.

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Cholera is a bacterial disease that is shown through nausea, vomiting and excessive watery diarrhoea. Usually, it is present in countries such as Africa or Asia; it spreads through contaminated water or food.

It is important to note that you will need 2 doses, 1-6 weeks apart.

Book A Cholera Vaccine

Yellow Fever

Yellow fever can lead to severe organ damage, bleeding and jaundice. It is a viral infection spread by mosquitoes.

Ordinarily, it is found in places such as:

– Trinidad

– Sub-Saharan Africa

– South America

– Central America

A country that needs a yellow fever vaccine certificate

We are a certified Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre. You can book in and find out more here:

Book A Yellow Fever Vaccine

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A spreads through contact with an infected person, as well as contaminated food and water. It is a liver infection that is mainly present in areas such as:

– South America

– Parts of the Far East

– Sub-Saharan Africa

– North Africa

– The Indian Sub-continent

– The Middle East

– Central America

A booster dose is recommended every 25 years, as this is how long the vaccine’s protection lasts.

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A dentist protected by a hepatitis B vaccine from a travel clinic.

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is ordinarily present in places like:

– The Middle East

– The Indian Subcontinent

– The Amazon

– Eastern and Central Europe

– East Asia

– Sub-Saharan Africa

It is a viral liver infection that is spread through infected bodily fluids or blood.

This means that it is especially important for those in occupations such as:

– Dentists

– Doctors

– Nurses

– Laboratory staff

You should book the 3 necessary doses well in advance so you don’t get caught out.

Book A Hepatitis B Vaccine

Japanese Encephalitis

JE is a brain infection spread via mosquitoes; it generally spreads in parts of Asia and the Pacific Rim. Prolonged outdoor, rural or nighttime exposure can increase your risk of contracting it.

You will need two doses with a seven-day gap, so don’t delay: 

Book A JE Vaccine

Meningococcal disease

Even though it is rare, meningococcal disease can be severe. It is spread through:

– Close contact

– Kissing

– Sneezing

– Coughing

The disease is generally present in areas such as parts of Saudi Arabia. This means that if you are going on pilgrimage for Hajj and Umrah, you’ll need your vaccine before you travel. You can learn more about the vaccines you need before going on pilgrimage in our previous blog post below.

Book An ACWY Vaccine Hajj & Umrah Vaccines


Polio is a viral infection; it spreads through contaminated food and water. It can also be spread through contact with infected people. The infection is commonly found in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

If you haven’t had a jab for 10 years, you will need to book a polio booster prior to travel.

Book A Polio Vaccine

Woman getting a travel vaccine at a travel clinic.


Ordinarily, rabies is transmitted from animals to humans. It is passed on through a scratch or bite from an infected animal. It is almost always fatal once symptoms appear.

Additionally, the vaccination course takes up to 4 weeks, so don’t delay:

Book A Rabies Vaccine


Tetanus is spread through tetanus spores.

If your last dose was over 10 years ago, it is vital that you get a booster.

Book A Tetanus Vaccine

Tick-borne encephalitis

TBE is a viral infection spread through a bite from an infected tick.

As a result, it is common in rural areas of:

– Parts of Eastern Asia

– Russia

– Northern, Central and Eastern Europe

For optimal protection, you will need 2-3 doses.

Book A TBE Vaccine


Typhoid is spread through contaminated water and food.

It mostly comes from locations such as:

– Pakistan

– India

– Bangladesh

– Asia

– Africa

– Parts of South and Central America

If you are at continued risk, you should get a 3 dose booster after 3 years. 

Book A Typhoid Vaccine


Malaria is spread through infected mosquitoes. Symptoms often include:

– Fatigue

– Muscle aches

– Fever

– Headache

However, its symptoms can differ. It is common in destinations such as:

– Africa

– Asia

– Central America

– Oceania

– The Middle East

– The Caribbean

– South America

There is no vaccine for malaria. However, we stock malaria prevention tablets.

Visit us to get protected today:

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