May 25, 2021

COVID PCR Test Manchester

Thinking of Travelling?

Travel restrictions are changing every day, with many airlines and countries asking their passengers and visitors for Fit-to-Fly certificates. This proves they have had a negative COVID-19 test result in the 48 to 72 hours prior to their travel. We at South Manchester Travel Clinic now offer varying types of COVID PCR test in South Manchester, as well as Fit to Fly Certificates. We also offer COVID-19 Rapid Antigen tests, as well as day 2 and 8 testing for all of your travel needs, from business trips to family holidays.


Updated on 05/05/2022


We provide different Fit-To-Fly services

Pre-Departure PCR test with Fit To Fly Certificate – Monday to Sunday

Rapid Antigen Test – (Results in 20 Minutes) – Click here to read more

We also provide:

Antibody Test 

Our testing service is available 7 days a week, with same-day results across a variety of Covid tests to suit your needs.

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***Please note: Information is subject to change depending upon airlines and countries; we are not responsible for any changes to legislation.


***PLEASE NOTE: We do not take money up front and offer FREE cancellations, unlike other clinics. **


What is a PCR Test?

PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction. The test is designed and used to directly detect the presence of the genetic material/antigens of the COVID-19 virus, rather than the presence of the body’s immune response, or antibodies. This is only possible if the virus is present and someone is actively infected. The tests can tell whether or not someone has the virus very early on by detecting viral RNA (ribonucleic acid), which will be present in the body before antibodies form or symptoms of the disease are present. PCR tests give us a good indication of who is infected and who is not.


Who is the Test for?


A COVID PCR test in Manchester is for people of all ages who are planning a holiday or need to travel abroad. Most airlines and countries now require a certificate/document to prove you don’t have an active COVID-19 infection. The test is not suitable for those who have COVID-19 like symptoms or for those who have had symptoms up to 28 days prior to the test – these people should follow all government guidance regarding self-isolation and testing.

Regulations differ depending on the destination or airline. Please check for the most up-to-date travel information. Speak to your airline directly or simply visit the Foreign Office website where more details and guidance can be found.

You must also take a day 2 or day 2 & 8 test on your return, depending on your vaccination status.

You can find information surrounding current guidance, as well as our same day day 2 testing here.

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Same-Day PCR Tests

We offer a Rapid Result swab test at our clinic in South Manchester. This test is £55. It is a fully comprehensive and convenient service that is carried out in our clinic by one of our specialist clinicians.


Our travel clinic offer appointments from 8am to 6pm daily. Appointments completed before 1pm Monday-Sunday get same day results! We’re able to provide such rapid results because we drive the tests to the laboratory ourselves, giving you peace of mind that your test was personally delivered to the lab by our team. (Any tests carried out after the cut-off are also personally delivered and receive their results the next day in the evening).

We pride ourselves in being able to provide this exceptionally fast and reliable service. Over the last couple of months, we have carried out thousands of these tests with no issues, once again giving you peace of mind before you jet off. Based inside a pharmacy, unlike other PCR testing sites, we have highly qualified pharmacists providing the service and catering for all your health needs. Our high-quality service and competitive pricing makes us the number one clinic in the Northwest.

Flying to a destination that also requires the additional Fit to Fly certificate? These are available on request and are signed by our clinician as part of your Covid PCR Test in Manchester.

We offer support throughout our extended opening hours with an out of hour email service. This ensures that all of our clients get their results in time to board the plane.

The laboratory that does the testing is fully accredited and recognised by the World Health Organisation. Certificates are stamped and signed by a lab scientist with details and accreditation of the laboratory provided in the certificate.

We are extremely busy and there are limited appointments at this time so book yours now!

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If you require a further explanation of the testing process, feel free to give us a call today; our professional pharmacy team will be happy to help.

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COVID 19 Rapid Antigen Testing Service

Multiple countries are now accepting COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests. We use internationally accredited test kits to ensure that we provide some of the most widely recognised and trusted tests.

The test requires a nasal swab. Results are available in 20 minutes with travel certificates, perfect if you’re on a tight schedule.

The COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests now cost £19.


***PLEASE NOTE: Not all countries are accepting this test therefore it is your responsibility to check with your airline and destination for the requirements.***

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How to get your COVID PCR test in Manchester…

If you need a Fit to Fly Certificate, we at South Manchester Travel Clinic are providing in-store rapid result swab testing. Contact us today!

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***PLEASE NOTE: South Manchester Travel Clinic will not be liable for any costs or travel disruption incurred as a result of a failed or inconclusive test***


We Now Offer Test to Release

Arriving from outside the UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man?

Current Government guidance states that you must self-isolate for 10 days upon returning. However, South Manchester Travel Clinic have the solution for you. We now offer the Test to Release scheme that could stop your self-isolation in its tracks. The scheme offers you the opportunity to pay for a private COVID-19 test 5 full days after you return.

If the result is negative, you can stop self-isolating. If you test positive, you must isolate for another 10 days. This should be counted from the day you took the test, or from when you first displayed symptoms if that is earlier. People you are living or staying with in the UK should also self-isolate for 10 days, from the date of your positive test.

Your Test to Release will cost £69.


***PLEASE NOTE: You will need to book an individual test for each person opting into the scheme, including children. ***


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We now offer Covid Workplace Testing

If you are looking to incorporate regular testing, we are offering a special discount for bookings over 10 people. This will ensure that you are able to keep your commitment to employee safety, whilst saving yourself money. Similarly, we offer site visits so that you do not have to lose time that could be spent working, as well as rapid results.

Visit our latest blog post to find out how we can make controlling Covid in the workplace easier for you!

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