January 29, 2021

Controlling COVID in the Workplace in Manchester – The Ultimate Guide

Looking for help controlling COVID in the workplace in Manchester?

South Manchester Travel Clinic are here for you, with our ultimate guide to help keep you and your colleagues safe. Firstly, one of the most important ways in which you can protect yourself and others in a workplace environment is through regular testing, to track the spread of the virus. We offer Covid Workplace tests, with a corporate discount available to help you keep your employees safe efficiently, in a way that is convenient for you. Throughout the world, there has been a huge change for businesses as they try and navigate this difficult time, so if you are able to have your employees work from home then it may be wise to set it up. Checking they have a secure and strong internet connection through a plan such as viasat internet or ones similar, is a good first step, you can then work out a hybrid or remote working plan for employees who may be more vulnerable. Keeping on top of tests can help everyone through this uncertain period.

Benefits of Testing for COVID-19

Controlling covid in the workplace in Manchester with our ultimate guide

Reducing transmission and outbreaks: Early detection will allow those working on hands-on projects such as construction work to act quickly. This will prevent the spread of infection.

Avoiding unnecessary absenteeism: Regular testing will prevent workers from being placed in unnecessary self-isolation.

Reassuring the workforce: Including testing within your COVID-19 risk assessment measures demonstrates your commitment to providing a safe working environment. This will reassure your employees that you are working hard with regards to controlling COVID in the workplace in Manchester.

How we can make controlling COVID in the workplace easier for you

Ultimate guide to controlling covid in the workplace in manchester

If you are looking to incorporate regular testing, we are offering a special discount for bookings over 10 people. This will ensure that you are able to keep your commitment to employee safety, whilst saving yourself money. Similarly, we offer site visits so that you do not have to lose time that could be spent working.

PCR Testing

We offer our PCR test, which is designed to directly detect the presence of the genetic material/ antigens of COVID-19. However, it does not detect the body’s immune response, 0r antibodies. The test is not suitable for those who have COVID-19 like symptoms or for those who have had symptoms up to 28 days prior to the test – these people should follow all government guidance regarding self-isolation and testing.

We offer our premium rapid result testing for same day results, as well as our rapid antigen testing service, to get you the reassurance you need.

We also offer an antibody testing service. However, it does not indicate an active infection. This test solely indicates whether the person has previously had the virus. We would recommend our rapid antigen test to provide the most accurate reassurance for a workplace setting.

Worried about losing productivity?

Our mobile service will bring your test to you, to help you maintain workplace efficiency. We will visit your workplace directly and carry out the test there, saving you from the disruption of staff having to leave work. Our testing service is tailored to accommodate your needs; we even offer corporate discount for large bookings.

Further details regarding our COVID testing services are available on our services page.

You can contact us to book in for your COVID test today.

Hygiene tips for controlling COVID in the workplace

cleaning controlling covid in the workplace guide

As an employer, it is important that you take reasonable steps to maintain a clean, safe environment for your employees. This is especially relevant when it comes to COVID, as it can transfer from people to surfaces. It can also transfer to others who touch the same surfaces.

Handwashing and Hand Sanitiser

It is important that you provide your employees with adequate handwashing facilities with running water, soap and paper towels or hand dryers. Similarly, you should provide hand sanitiser in all other locations, for situations where employees are unable to wash their hands.

Cleaning the workplace

You should increase how thoroughly and how often you clean your workplace to help you control the spread of COVID. If the office space is congested, rearrange the furniture and increase the number of desks and space between them, so that you can keep your employees safe in this pandemic. If need be, you can also get new desks and chairs from office monster or a similar online office supply shop to ensure one person sits on one desk.

Moreover, you should complete a risk assessment to incorporate the cleaning of areas that you may not normally clean. Separating desks in a more efficient manner may also help to limit the surfaces people touch, as well as encourage social distancing. If you are made aware of a known or suspected case of coronavirus, you should follow Government guidance to help you disinfect your workspace efficiently.

Hygiene facilities

When it comes to controlling Covid in the workplace in Manchester or anywhere you’re based, ensure that you establish clear guidance for the use of hygiene facilities such as toilets and showers. This will ensure that you are able to maintain social distancing. Make a Large online catalog for all your paper and janitorial supplies. Make sure all of these are available on the office premises at all times. With regards to handwashing, signs and posters could be used to demonstrate effective handwashing techniques. Soap and drying equipment should always be replenished, and bins should be taken out regularly to keep these facilities clean.

Cleaning vehicles

If your line of work requires you to share the same vehicle with multiple people, it is important that they are cleaned regularly. You should clean areas such as handles (inside and out), the steering wheel and any controls before and after each individual use.

Cleaning staff

You should decide whether an employee cleaning rota, or externally employed cleaning staff, is right for your business based on your risk assessment. Ensure that you supply cleaning staff with appropriate PPE, such as gloves from somewhere like Unigloves, and that they maintain social distancing. Most importantly, you should make sure that you instruct your cleaning staff or general employees effectively so that they are able to clean thoroughly.

Here at South Manchester Travel Clinic, we are committed to you and your safety within our community.

Book in with us today to make regular testing a part of your commitment to the safety of your employees.

This blog post was written on behalf of South Manchester Travel Clinic by Pharmacy Mentor.