March 4, 2022

Where to Get Express Covid-19 Testing For a Fit to Fly Certificate


Are you planning to jet off to an exotic country this season? For a number of destinations, you’ll probably need a negative Covid-19 test to gain entry if you haven’t been vaccinated yet, or even if you’ve been vaccinated (for some countries). Continue reading to find out more about Covid-19 tests and the Fit to Fly certificate in Manchester.

Many test providers offer a vast array of testing options. This has led to people trying to figure out when and where to do their tests before flying out, proving to be stressful. However, you don’t have to worry about it – get in touch with us for simple, reliable, and most of all, effective Express Covid-19 Testing that comes with a Fit to Fly certificate.

Updated 4/3/22

What tests do I need before jetting off?

If you are not vaccinated yet, you’ll need to do a negative Covid-19 Rapid Antigen or a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test before travelling abroad. For some countries, those who are fully vaccinated will also need to take a test to show that they don’t have the infection. These requirements keep changing from time to time. That’s why it’s vital to check for updated information on entry requirements for your country of destination in advance.

A number of destinations that need pre-travel testing only accept PCR tests. Even though there are exceptions, it’s almost always possible that any destination that needs proof of a negative Covid test requires that you do a PCR test.

It’s important not to confuse PCR tests with antibody blood tests. The latter is used to reveal if you’ve previously contracted Covid-19.

Swabbing for a PCR test for a fit to fly certificate in Manchester

What is a COVID Fit to Fly certificate in Manchester?

A Fit to Fly test can simply be defined as a signed and stamped letter that shows you’ve had a Covid swab test, do not have Covid-19 symptoms, and are fit to fly. The stamp should be from an accredited test provider (with the Care Quality Commission) with a registered doctor’s signature.

To remain valid, this test requires that a swab be taken of your nose and throat at our clinic and sent to one of our approved laboratories to be tested.

It’s worth noting that not every destination needs a Fit to Fly certificate. Some may only need a report from a certified laboratory.

Where can I get a Fit to Fly certificate in Manchester?

Many people ask the question, “Where can I get a Fit to Fly certificate near me?”; there’s no need to stress about it, as we provide Fit to Fly certificates across the UK, even offering Express Covid-19 testing. We are the fastest, cheapest clinic around for Covid testing.

We’ll send you a swab test that you will use in the comfort of your home. If your test for Covid-19 comes out negative, we’ll send you a Fit to Fly certificate signed by an accredited and qualified doctor.


When should I book an emergency test for a Fit to Fly Certificate in Manchester?

You can book an emergency Fit to Fly test as soon as your travel date is in place. However, it’s crucial to confirm with your airline as some countries require that you take the test 72 hours, and others 96 hours, prior to your departure. Other destinations may need the report within 48 hours before your arrival. As much as it’s confusing, it’s necessary to confirm with your airline prior to booking this test.

Which countries require a Fit to Fly certificate?

The countries listed on the UK government’s website change all the time; hence you must check with your airline to confirm. However, destinations such as Qatar, Iran, Iraq, Martinique, St Lucia, Barbados, Bermuda, Egypt, Morocco, Ethiopia, India, Dubai, Austria, Hungary, and Cyprus have been the most common on the list. It’s worth noting that you MUST confirm before jetting off as we cannot be responsible for checking requirements. This information is just a guideline and keeps changing time after time.


Can the Express Covid Testing be done at home?

It’s crucial that you confirm the rules and regulations that relate to the pre-travel test needed before travelling. While a good number of countries allow tests to be done at home then sent to a laboratory, other destinations only accept tests done in a clinic.

How much do I need to pay for Covid-19 tests? (Fit to Fly certificate in Manchester)

You’ll only need to pay a small fee to get the tests done, as listed below:

PCR/Antigen Test Services

Same day – £55
Next day – £45

Lateral flow test

£19 with Fit to Fly Certificate

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This blog post was written on behalf of the South Manchester Travel Clinic by Pharmacy Mentor.